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contains more than 450 custom brushes, harmonic swatches, digital tools, and exclusive sets I developed over the years. I use them every day for my personal and professional work as a comic artist, illustrator and character designer. Happy Procreating! :)

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Customer Feedback & Brush Reviews

George, thank you SO much for these amazing brushes! I was very disappointed in the ink brushes included with Procreate, and was dreading the hours that I would have to spend to create suitable inking brushes, when I discovered your set. Not only did you save me untold hours, but the quality is almost certainly better than I would have achieved on my own.
The combination of the Apple Pencil + Procreate + your brushes yields an amazingly natural drawing experience. I’ve used every drawing tablet ever made since the Koala Pad (1984) and this is the first time I don’t feel like I’m losing something by not using pencil/pen and paper.
— Joe12South
Thanks so much again for making such awesome brushes. I hope the folks at Procreate send you all kinds of free stuff because your brushes are what truly makes that app sing for me.
— Wizard of Zog
Just tried the ELDER, and immediately bought the Megapack. Wonderful. I like how you inclined the shape of the brushes (a thing I had planned but not had the time to try) and played with pressure AND velocity together.
I’ve redrawn a panel of mine to try, and love the Watterson, the Peyo and the Uderzo especially (but haven’t had the time to dig into them all, yet). Very flowing, very natural, with and without the textures.
— Bos

Cheat Sheets & Brush Demo Strokes


Upcoming: Georg’s MAGIC Brush Set

25+ Charmed New Brushes & Multi-Purpose Paint Tools for Sketching, Drawing, and Painting are in the making…

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Artwork by Nicolas Kole

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